The P&P group is everyday at work looking for new solutions and innovative coatings. We worked throughtout the pandemic period to improve the ABACO® coating and make it effective against viruses.

Specific tests were performed by the Biology Institute of the University of Campinas – Brazil according to the international standard ISO- BS ISO 21702:2019 (First edition 2019-05-27).

The above mentioned tests have prooved that ABACO® is virucide against Coronavirus strain MHV, genus Betacoronavirus (same genus and family as SARS-CoV-1, SARS-CoV-2/COVID19 and MERS).

The R&D department of the P&P group, consistent with its mission, is constantly working to increase the ABACO® properties and extend its efficacy on an always larger number of microorganisms that could be dangerous for the human health.